About Sean Reed

Sean Reed is a full stack developer with a focus on building web apps and hybrid desktop apps using PHP and Laravel, Angular and Vue, MySQL, Apache and NGINX on Linux, and Electron.

Sean has acquired his skills on the job as the sole or primary programmer for numerous projects, as both an employee and an independent contractor for private software companies.

Sean also has limited experience with Java for desktop and web apps, C# and ASP.NET for web apps, and Python for data science.

Sean crossed over to software development from the field of avant-garde music composition, where he used his own Lisp routines in the creation of instrumental and electroacoustic works.

Sean is currently employed as an Technical Support Analyst at Camden National Bank.


PHP / Laravel

Development of web apps with PHP backends, both freestyle and using Laravel. Use of Passport for API auth, Nova for resource management, and Horizon for Redis queue management.

Angular / Vue

Development of web apps using Angular 2-8 / AngularJS and Vue for the frontends. Use of gulp-typescript and ng-cli for transpiling and building.


Extensive use of MySQL. CLI interaction with mysql via bash on Linux. Installation and use of phpMyAdmin and adminer. Some SQLite.


Embedding Angular/AngularJS with Angular Material/Foundation in Electron for cross-platform hybrid apps that communicate with custom remote APIs.


Custom node processes as APIs. Use of npm package manager and nvm for node version switching. Configuring IP tables and systemd for access and restarts on Linux.

JS, jQuery, TypeScript

Vanilla JavaScript, jQuery, and TypeScript for web app frontends. Ajax and JSON for communication with remote APIs.

WordPress Plugins

Creation of WP plugins for self-developed web apps. Remote WP management, sending data to and from WP sites, WP editor enhancement.

Facebook, Twitter APIs

Experience with the Facebook Graph and Marketing APIs and the Twitter API. Use of the PHP and JS SDKs for remote posting and analysis of FB ad statistics.

Google Maps

Integration of static and interactive street maps into web app frontends using the Google Maps JavaScript API.

C# and ASP.NET

MVC web app experience with ASP.NET Core 5.0 using Entity Framework Core together with SQLite for data persistence.


Basic instruction in Python, including use of NumPy, Matplotlib and Seaborn for visualization, and SciKit Learn.


Oracle and OpenJDK 8 – 11. Spring and Spring Boot for web apps. Hibernate for persistence, Maven for package management, and Thymeleaf for templating.


Bootstrap, Foundation, and UIkit for responsive frontend design. Angular Material and PrimeNG for Angular/AngularJS UIs.

VM, Vagrant, Docker

Use of Docker for Mac for local development. Use of VirtualBox for full scale OS virtualization and Vagrant for portable OSs.


Postman for API testing. Git with GitHub and Bitbucket for version control. Slack for comms. Confluence for doc collaboration. Jira, Mantis, and trac for issue tracking. Heroku for staging.


PHPUnit and Dusk for Laravel testing. Karma and Jasmine for testing Angular (2-7). JUnit for Java. Some Selenium (Java).

System Admin

Basic bash shell admin on Linux. AMP installation and config. User management. Configuration of ssh access. Basic Amazon AWS skills.

IDEs and editing

Emacs for terminal shell editing. IntelliJ IDEA on macOS, Visual Studio on Windows and macOS.

Work Experience

Independent Contractor

Apr 2019 – Aug 2020, Remote

Project work as an hourly contractor for ATOM of Portsmouth, NH via Alexander Technology Group.

  • Development of web apps using Laravel and Vue on Linux with MySQL.
  • Resource management using Laravel Nova.
  • Redis queue management via Laravel Horizon.
  • Responsive UIs using Materialize and Vuetify.
  • Content management for WordPress sites.

Freelance Developer

Mar 2018 – Apr 2019, Camden, ME / Remote

Project work on a freelance basis.

  • Full-stack development of web apps using Laravel (+Passport) and Angular on LAMP.
  • Frontend UI via Angular Material.
  • Integration of Google Maps API.
  • Setup and admin of Ubuntu instance and domain routing on Amazon AWS.

Independent Contractor

Sep 2016 – Mar 2018, Rockland, ME / Local-Remote

Project work as a subcontractor for Oystra, Inc of Rockland, ME.

  • API design and implementation using Laravel and Node.
  • Client-server communication via WebSockets.
  • Frontends via Angular/AngularJS.
  • UIs with Bootstrap, Foundation, PrimeNG, and Angular Material.
  • Hybrid desktop app using Electron with AngularJS.
  • Development of custom WordPress plugins to interact with custom APIs.
  • Integration of Facebook Marketing API via PHP SDK and cURL.
  • Ubuntu system admin over bash ssh.
  • Server management on Rackspace and Amazon AWS.

Tourmaline, Inc

Mar 2015 – Sep 2016, Rockland, ME / Local-Remote

Software projects as an employee at Tourmaline, Inc of Rockland, ME.

  • Vanilla PHP, JavaScript +jQuery, HTML, and CSS to design and implement web apps.
  • Integration of Facebook Graph, Twitter, and Pinterest APIS via PHP SDKs and cURL.
  • Custom WordPress plugin development.
  • Basic system admin on Debian and server management via Rackspace.


Workstation Builds Tracker


Web app for tracking the status and stages of preparing workstations in a business setting. Interface displays index and detail views with names, due dates, and color coded dropdown selectors that indicate the current preparation stage for each device. Indices are searchable and sortable. Includes static pages for dashboard and wallboard displays.

Technologies used: ASP.NET Core 5.0 (C#), Entity Framework Core, SQLite3, jQuery, Razor, Bootstrap 4

Serenade Timetracker


Web app for project planning and time tracking. Users can keep track of clients and plan projects with milestones, tasks, and timed work sessions. Scalable reports can be viewed for custom time ranges. Currently in progress.

Technologies used: Java 11, Spring and Spring Boot, Maven, Hibernate, MySQL, Thymeleaf, jQuery, UIkit

<Online Jobs App>


Closed-access demo version of a job search and posting site for a niche audience. Users can post and search for jobs using job category tags and Google Maps markers. Next phase of development currently in planning.

Technologies used: Laravel 5.7, Passport, MySQL, Angular 7, Angular Material 7, Google Maps JavaScript API

Serenade Flexischeduler


Simple day planner influenced Gantt charts. Changing the end time of an activity shifts all subsequent activities while maintaining their durations. New activities can only be inserted before or after a selected activity. Day plans can be saved as templates for later use.

Technologies used: Java 10, SQLite, JavaFX and jFoenix, Gluon SceneBuilder



Web app with companion desktop app (Mac and Windows) for an organization that builds window inserts. The desktop app calculates the dimensions and prices of inserts from window measurements. Data can be stored offline until a connection to the server is available. The web app enables inquiry, payment, and customer management, invoice generation, and the generation of build files.

Technologies used: Laravel, MySQL, Node, WebSockets, AngularJS, Electron, Foundation, WordPress plugin development

Automated Ads


Web app that enables automated budgeting for users’ Facebook marketing objects. The app can also create easy split tests for ads, with automatic recommendations for which ads to keep. Ad performance is displayed in charts and reports to help make decisions that improve reach.

Technologies used: Laravel, Facebook Graph and Marketing APIs, MySQL, Angular 4/5, PrimeNG, Angular Material

Social Poster


Web app that allows advertisers to post single messages to multiple Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts simultaneously. Posts can be sent immediately or at scheduled times. A companion WordPress plugin allows users to automatically publish blog posts on selected social media accounts.

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress plugin development, Facebook Graph API, Twitter API, Pinterest API, Foundation

WordPress Manager


Web app for managing multiple WordPress sites from one page. Users can install, delete, and update plugins and themes as well as the WordPress core from a central app. Backup and restore functions are available to undo changes.

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, WordPress plugin development, JavaScript, Bootstrap



Core demo version for a potential social media app where users can connect with people in their area who are interested in the same activities. Users can either post an activity, looking for people to join them, or find activities posted by others that match their interests.

Technologies used: Node, MySQL, Angular 2, Google Maps API

Invoice system


Simple invoicing app for Oystra, Inc. Allows users to add clients and projects and create invoices, mark them as outstanding or paid, and generate both HTML and PDF versions. Automatic generation of totals for invoices with multiple itemized services. Use of markdown available for the notes portion of the invoice.

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Foundation, Markdown