About Sean Reed

Sean Reed is a full stack web developer with 3 years of experience building web apps and cross-platform hybrid desktop apps using PHP and Laravel, AngularJS and Angular2+, MySQL and Apache on Linux, and Electron.

Sean crossed over to software development from the field of music composition, where he had an emphasis on programming Lisp routines that aid in the creation of instrumental and electroacoustic works.

Sean’s skills as a full stack web developer have been accumulated on the job as the sole or primary programmer for several projects under the guidance of a local software company, for whom he has worked both as an employee and an independent contractor.



Development of web applications with PHP backends, both freestyle and using Laravel. Use of Composer package management.


Use of JS, jQuery, and TypeScript, incl. Angular/AngularJS, for web app frontends. Ajax and JSON for communication with remote APIs.


Development of plugins for WordPress to interact and communicate with related web apps.


Experience with the Facebook Graph and Marketing APIs, primarily via the PHP SDK, but also using the JS SDK.


Bootstrap and Foundation for frontend design. Use of PrimeNG and Angular Material (v1 and v2) for Angular/AngularJS app UIs.


All apps developed to date have involved MySQL database integration. CLI interaction with mysql via bash on Linux.


Custom node processes as API backends. Use of npm package management. Configuration of IP tables and systemd for access and maintenance on Linux.

Server Admin

Shell based server admin on Linux systems. AMP installs and Apache config. User creation and ssh access config. Some experience with Amazon AWS.


Hybrid desktop apps with Electron.

Work Experience

Independent Contractor

Sep 2016 – present, Camden, Maine

Development of web and hybrid apps as a subcontractor for a private client and for Oystra, Inc. of Rockland, ME.

Tourmaline, Inc

Mar 2015 – Sep 2016, Rockland, Maine

Development of web and hybrid apps for private and local clients.




Standalone desktop app for Mac and Windows plus admin portal for a non-profit organization that builds insulating window inserts, with three versions over three years.

The desktop app allows users to take window measurements and automatically generates the dimensions and prices of the inserts. It also lets users store measurements offline until the data can be uploaded to the servers.

The admin portal has features for inquiry and payment management, invoice generation, and generation of cut files for the workshops, as well as the standard customer data management.

Technologies involved: PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Node, WebSockets, AngularJS, Foundation, Electron, WordPress plugin development

Automated Ads


Web application that enables automated budgeting management for users’ Facebook marketing objects.

As a second primary feature, the app offers users an easy way to run split tests for their ads as well, with automatic recommendations for which ads to keep.

Core feedback of ad performance is provided in the form of graphs, charts, and custom reports to help users make decisions on how to improve the performance of their ads.

Technologies involved: PHP, Laravel, Facebook Graph and Marketing APIs, MySQL, Angular 4 and 5, PrimeNG, Angular Material

Social Poster


A web-based app and companion WordPress plugin for advertisers that enables automatic posting of notices to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Users can fire off “quick posts” immediately, selecting which of their social media accounts they would like to use for the notice, or they can schedule a post for a specific time in the future. They can also set up groups of posts that cycle or shuffle through a group of notices and send either at specific intervals or on certain days and times of the week.

A companion plugin for WordPress allows users to send posts created on their WP blog to other selected social media accounts as well.

Technologies involved: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Facebook Graph API,
WordPress plugin development, Twitter API, Pinterest API, Foundation

WordPress Manager


A web-based app that allows users to manage plugins and themes for multiple WordPress sites all on one page.

Users can install, delete, and update plugins and themes, as well as the WordPress core installation itself, for one or more sites at a time by ticking checkboxes for the sites they would like to change and pressing a button.

A backup and restore option is available in case the user would like to undo changes.

Technologies involved: PHP, MySQL, WordPress plugin development, JavaScript, Bootstrap



Core demo version for a potential social media app where users can connect with people in their area who are interested in the same activities.

Users can either post an activity, looking for people to join them, or find activities posted by others that match their interests.

Technologies involved: Node, MySQL, Angular2, Google Maps API

Invoice system


Simple invoicing app for Oystra, Inc. Allows users to add clients and projects and create invoices, mark them as outstanding or paid, and generate both HTML and PDF versions.

Automatic generation of totals for invoices with multiple itemized services. Use of markdown available for the notes portion of the invoice.

Technologies involved: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Foundation, Markdown